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The Inclusive ‘Dyslexia Friendly’ Schools Award in First/Primary Schools

  • To help schools to develop an inclusive ‘dyslexia friendly’ whole school approach in supporting pupils with literacy difficulties,
  • To focus on developing inclusive classroom practice as well as intervention,
  • To enhance the teaching of all pupils through a consistent multi-sensory approach,
  • To encourage the sharing of good practice with other schools within the local authority.

Who is it for?
First and Primary schools who:
  • Have an established partnership with the North Tyneside Dyslexia Team,
  • Have received the team’s twilight training in Dyslexia and Literacy Difficulties,
  • Have consistent support systems in place to identify and address pupils’ needs,
  • Are keen to develop effective links between intervention and classroom practice.

What is the process?
  • Schools review their systems and practice in preparation for achieving the entry criteria,
  • Once schools begin work on the award they complete whole school and classroom audits and write an action plan,
  • A timeline is used to guide schools and further training is provided for the whole school by the Dyslexia Team,
  • Support and advice is available from the Dyslexia Team throughout this process,
  • Following a successful verification visit and report from the Dyslexia Team, schools will be presented with the award and a plaque to celebrate!

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